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Drakar provides PVC laminates such as tarpaulins, membranes and coverings for different applications, providing for a wide range of markets.

With a built area of 137.000 m², the plant has a production capacity of three million square meters per year in addition to making truck covers.

The products are manufactured nationally using modern and high-tech equipments, according to ISO 9001:2008 standards. Drakar constantly invests in research and development to provide its customers with top quality products.

The Drakar PVC laminates have specific widths for the most varied applications, able to reach 3,200mm. The flexibility of the dimensions provides a better use of the material, reducing the need for welding and increasing productivity. According to the need, they can receive additives that ensure protection against different agents like fungi, oxidizing agents, ultraviolet rays and fire, in this case delaying the propagation of the flames.

Drakar operates in the logistics and storage, leisure and landscape, infrastructure and safety and awning market, with its portfolio consisting of the major and biggest customers of each sector, always seeking the continuous partnership in the search for solutions with total quality.

Infrastructure and safety

High technology. Drakar offers special membranes in the market, providing quality and high technology in situations where flexibility and safety are essential.

Leisure and Decoration

Design and resistance. Meeting the demands of this market, the Drakar products overcome the adversities and remain new for a longer period of time, being easy to clean and to maintain. With a wide variety of colors, it can be part of different environments besides providing protection against the weather.

Automotive and Nautical

Power and durability. To meet the different needs of this market, Drakar offers specific materials for each application, providing the final product with resistance, safety and performance.

Logistics and Storage

Protection. Developed to face all challenges, the Drakar tarpaulins are present in times when ensuring the protection and integrity of the products is fundamental.